Components disappear for no reason after a few seconds

Why do components disappear after a few seconds of being added?
Is it another glide problem or is it me?

Does your Clinentes table have any rows in it?

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The problem is that you have Row Owners applied to the Email column, and there is no value in that column. Therefore, the user you are viewing as does not have access to any row in that table, and any input components that you add to the screen will automatically be hidden.

What is your intention here - are you trying to add a new row, or edit the existing row?

My intention is to create a registration form on this sheet, for my clients to create an account

In that case, would I enter my email in this row so that I can see it?
But if I’m as admin, I should be able to see those text entries.

So it sounds like they will be adding rows, yes?
In that case you should use an Add Form. Refer to the below:

You have two options here:

  • Add a second email column, make it row owner and add your own email address in every row (this can be done automatically when a form is submitted)
  • Or configure roles in your App, and do the same thing but add the Admin role name instead of your own email address. This is a better option if you will have multiple admin users.

Thank you very much, that was the solution :blush:

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