How to stop getting 2 rows from 1 form submit?

Not sure why this is happening all of the sudden…
When the user submits (i.e. taps the “Add” button in the top right of the Add Item form), the sheet that I have populates with 2 rows instead of 1 row. Why is this? I only need/want 1 row to be added. And one of the 2 rows is greyed out.

FYI: I’m new to Glide but really loving it.

Do you have an Add Row on submit action with your form?

If yes, remove it. The purpose of the form screen is to create a new row, so if you have an on submit action that also adds a row, then you will get an extra row.

When a row is “greyed out” in the data editor, that means that the current user does not have access to that row - which means you must have at least one column in the table with Row Owners applied.


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You can choose ‘none’ of you don’t want any on submit action. The default is usually just a notification indicating that the form was sent/submitted.

Hello Darren. I have a column called Owner which I have marked as the “Row Owner” and it shows an email address.

I removed the “Add Row” ON SUBMIT action and left it as “None” which does help me either. It does ONLY add 1 row to the table but that row is still greyed out and it is missing the Owner’s email address (in the “Owner” column and the Date timestamp.

What am I doing wrong?

check the source table, if is the right one with data… or if you are on the row that doesn’t have this data

Since I removed the “Add Row” ON SUBMIT action, I only get 1 row of data added to my table. The new table row that is added has some data (item name, category and photo) but the new row no longer displays the date/time of when it was entered or the Owners’ email address - AND its a greyed out row that I am viewing (as the same user who filled out the form).

screenshot, please… try refresh editor

Screenshot added above and I refreshed my browser but still have the same issue with the table row being greyed out.

let me recreate your sample… and i will get back with you

I figured it out. I needed to add the “User’s email address” and “Current date/time” to the form as COLUMNS.

But thank you for offering to recreate it on your end.

oh, you did not have these columns? how did you expect to write to them?

Right, I didn’t know I needed them. I’m a rookie but learning every day. Thanks!


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