Template Column in Pages not able to reference Lookup Date Fields?

Describe the bug:
I’ve noticed something that might be a bug. I run both an App and a Page using the same data.
I’ve created a Template Column in both, but in the Pages version, the Template Column doesn’t allow me to select Lookup Columns with Dates in it (BTW: The Lookup Column also displays dates differently in Pages)

Expected Behaviour:
I would expect I can reference the same type of columns across Pages and Apps?

I’ve attached a few screenshots - hope they help clarify. Otherwise I can record a Loom.
Date Lookup in Page and App respectively. In Pages, I can’t pull in the Date Lookup in a Template Column.

In your second screen shot, the Lookup column is returning an array, which is why it can’t be used in your template column.

Check the source of your lookup column. Assuming it’s a relation, it needs to be a single relation.


Thanks a lot Darren :pray:
That did the trick! Why didn’t I think of that… :grimacing:

Happens to everyone at least once. Consider it a rite of passage :wink:

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