Date column is a lookup

The date column is a look up and I need only the date from the to get the date value only.

You can add a math column, reference the lookup column and format the date to “Date only”.

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How to reference lookup column in math column.

Just add a character, let’s say “D” and point the D character to the lookup column.

Any examples please.cound not understand.

My question:

I have a look up column which is a date column.but I need to display only the date.

Hi darren

my problem is,i have 2 tables as snacklist and orders.
i need the date from orders table to snacklist table.i get it by relation with orders table and get the date by lookup in snacklist.everything i got but its like this below,i couldn’t do anything,tried format and math column but not getting in date only format.

any other alternatives to get this?

Please show me a screen shot of the configuration of the original date column from the orders table. I suspect that it is not properly configured as a datetime column type.

Please double-click on the column header to edit it, and double check the column type. Make sure it is set as Date/Time.

same has been given.

I think you haven’t formatted that date column in you google sheet as Date. Go to your sheet and select that column and go to the Format tab and select Number>Date. And come back to Glide and refresh the Data Editor ( click the small refresh icon) and check.

Now i got the date.but can i use this in filter ? i need to filter with this date.i already one filter with shop name.but showing only 2 results in drop down date is empty and date is not empty.

No issues.i use visibility to restrict data by date.Thanks

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