Taking Payments/Subscription Fees

I would love to find a way to charge people for subscription to my Glide app. Given the Email Whitelist feature, could I do something where I send people to a payment flow from my site, give them the link once they pay, and then reconcile monthly who has paid and whose email is on that whitelist?

I believe you could do a more simple version of this by charging a one-time fee for download/access.

Any other ideas? I want my app to be more than a prototype, and I think proving out customer WTP is critical for that.


You could use zapier to read the list and compare to email confirmation of payment probably

It’s been a while since I tested the buy option but I believe that when they buy an item, in your case a subscription, a row is entered in a sheet on the spreadsheet. This row has the date and the email (again I think it does). Anyway with this info you would be able to control access to the app by linking the whitelist sheet to the buy sheet. The only caveat that I can think of is that if they miss a payment they won’t be able to get into the app to make the payment since they wouldn’t be on the whitelist. You could mitigate this by building in a grace period and possibly showing some kind of message in their profile.

This has been requested many times. We’re interested in offering it but have no immediate plans to do it.

I’m trying to figure out the best way to do this also.

My thinking is:

  1. User signs up via stripe recurring payment form embedded on my website.
  2. User gets added to whitelist either via zap or manually by me
  3. When user wants to cancel their subscription they contact me to cancel it in Stripe.

Is there some easier way of allowing users to cancel their own subscriptions with Stripe? How do they get access to their subscriptions?


Please…please add this feature , is very much needed !!!