Subscription/Pay Wall?

Hi I wanted to know if you are planning to have other monetization payment options.


There were some suggestions to have PayPal. What others are you thinking of?

I currently use Stripe along with a member/paywall for which I think is better because you are able to integrate it seamlessly into applications.

Paypal is ok, but my customers would need a paypal account and not everyone does. Just another form of resistance for which could deter sales.

I just wanted to know if subscription options will be available anytime soon.


I guess I need to educate myself on what a member/paywall is and how it works.

We are definitely considering user roles which would allow you to create restricted content which could be unlocked by payment. However, as with most things - it’s hard to say when this will happen. Soon I hope!

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This is great news! Thank you.

I would love to see a list of things that are on your schedule in order of importance. No timeframe needed, but to get an idea if it will be soon or sometime.

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Also, is the current ‘Buy Button’ accessible for external users (e-commerce) or only for personal sales?

Hi there.
If you use a subscription button code on from paypal, try are not required to have an account. Search “create by now button” for Paypal :slight_smile:

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Appears that there are other active, new topics that are similar, topic being archived.