How Can I Set Up S Pay Wall

How can I set up a pay wall for content inside fo the app? Is it possible to have a buy button to trigger access to more content inside of the app? For example, My app sells digital comics. I want the user to pay for the comics with the buy button, then they can click on the comics to view the images.

You can set it up with user profiles. Have a sheet to store profiles of each user, and one column, let’s say “Membership” for them. Then you can set visibility based on that membership type.


Thanks! That was helpful. Is there an easy way to automatically populate the membership column after someone pay for membership?

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I have not actually set up a membership app because we can’t use Stripe here in Vietnam, but you can check this.

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Hi, would that allow for people to also “unlock” some tabs in the app, not just content?

Visibility for tabs is currently not available.

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I’ve found a work around to hide tabs for some users…

It works if you want to hide all tabs accessible via the bottom layer of the app, except the “home page”.

In your home page, add a Rich text component with the following custom text :

<span><style>.tbs-inner {visibility:hidden;}</style></span> 

Add a visibility condition to this rich text component. Take care : this Rich Text component MUST BE VISIBLE to hide the tabs !

But again, doing this, you will prevet the access to any tab accessible via the bottom layer of your app, excepted the home tab. And keep in mind it’s not a supported way to do.

Enjoy :smirk:


Thanks Christophe. Think I may just stick with two apps for the moment: one for free and one for paying users with more functionalities (tabs) available.

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You could have only one app if your extra functionalities are in tabs accessible only using buttons, for example, using the link to screen actions (and these buttons would be visible only for paying users).

Yes but would the tabs still show at the bottom of the phone for those users once they’ve clicked on those buttons?

No, if your tabs are displayed at the bottom of the app, it will not work. It will work only with tabs in the “Hidden tabs” section of the App builder > Tabs menu. Tabs in this “hidden section” can be used in your app, but won’t appear at the bottom of the app or in the left menu (hamburger menu)