How To Create a Restricted Button/Or Google Form


I am stuck on the option to create a paywall for accessing my Google Form. I would like to restrict access to a button, not a page or data, for users who have paid a premium fee.

Conceptually, when a user goes on my app and clicks on one of our providers, there is a Schedule Consultation button at the bottom of each page where I would like users to be charged a fee before completing the form. This would be similar to purchasing a recipe or a gym workout plan.

Is there anyway I can create a paywall with Stripe or Zapier without the if then option? Also, if anyone has a better idea for executing this type of subscription, please feel free to share.

Ideally, would users pay each time they’d like to schedule a consultation? Or should they pay a monthly fee to enable scheduling abilities?

I would use Calendly for this. They allow webview embedding, and you can setup a paywall before the user can book.