App with paid registration for listing what payment tool do you all use


So I create a Google Form for people to register for a paid listing in the app, but the downside is that the payment option in the form is after the submit button and in the confirmation message. This is bad for business, because when people fill out the form and hit submit, they may just bypass the “honor” system. Does anyone have any easy to use registration systems with a payment gateway that use Stripe? I may have to use a Zapier action, which is fine, but would love some suggestions. Thank you.

I think you can ask them to purchase for “listing positions” first, then use the “token” you give them to post listings instead?

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Create your own form… and make submit button visibility depending on payment confirmation from sales sheet

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One of my clients use Cognito forms

The process is

:black_small_square: User completes form

:black_small_square: Form collects payment (via stripe)

:black_small_square: Once payment is complete the data from form is sent to the google sheet via Zapier.


Cognito forms has been around for years, is reliable and has some great features.


Thank you.

Thanks so much!!

Thank you for sharing this form builder tool. Plus, it’s free and will cover what I need for now!!

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