Processing in-person payments (cash/check) and attendance

Hello, everyone! I’m building a choir app that would be accessible by 3 different types of users - choir admins, choir members, and the general public. My app would make it easy for choir admins to maintain the choir membership directory, track attendance and payments, and provide information/resources to choir members and the community in one convenient location. My focus is on getting the admins and members apps to work, and I seem to have hit a snag or two.

The first snag is regarding in-person payments (check, cash, etc.) that the admins would have to process on there apps. Online payment through stripe is not an issue since each member can handle that themselves as signed-in users. However, I’m realizing that processing in-person payments on behalf of members (which only admins are allowed to process) would not be possible on the front end on my phone (as admin) since I’ll be signed in as myself on the app and I would need to be signed in as the payer so that the transaction is assigned to the correct profile. QUESTION: Is there a way to accomplish this on the admin app to make sure payment is assigned to the correct payer or would I need a workaround like a Google Form to achieve this?

The 2nd snag is in the way I plan to record attendance (not with a checkbox or switch format) since we allow for partial credit. Here is an example from the Google Form we’ve been using:

My ideal would be to have each member’s picture next to their name in the form as attendance is taken. Anyway, I also plan on having a running calculation of each member’s attendance during the semester which will be displayed as a chart in their app. QUESTION: Would this be another workaround with Google Form or can it be achieved within the app? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

For your first question, all you would need is a form button which will write all of the in person payment details you need to the same sheet the stripe payments are written. No need for Google forms when Glide had it’s own form functionality.

For your second question, I’m sure you could work something out with the form button.

Thanks, @Jeff_Hager!

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