Need help with Booking a coach & payment integration

I am building an app where the user and coach will both be on the same app.

I want the user to be able to book a session with the coach. When user books the session, the request should be seen by the coach in their account and the user should be able to pay for that session.

That is what i am mainly looking for and need support to see if this is really possible here or not.

Look forward to any thoughts and support.


This is possible. The only hard thing to achieve is the payment. There are 2 choices for you:

  • Get payment from built-in Stripe to your account and then distribute to the coach.
  • Use an external service like PayPal but has to have a scheme to get the data back to your sheet for payment validation.
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Hey @ThinhDinh

How do you get the payment back to the sheet with PayPal?

Any ideas?


I have no idea lol. That’s why it’s still a challenge for me. Someone on here had to use a very complex webhook, which I have no experience with to achieve that.

I assume Zapier & Integromat have something for this?

I’ll check Zapier and see.

Zapier seems to have it at least on paper.

I have not tried it. I will later on.

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Would work only for one account I think, getting it to work for multi vendor will be a nightmare.

You surely be right.

How about having different Zapier accounts connected to different PayPal accounts that are in time connected to the same google sheets. That looks messy but I’m thinking it could work.

Hey @ThinhDinh

The webhook does not seem to complex. Zapier gives you the webhook URL and you have to paste that on you PayPal Instant Notifications.

It seems like that’s all you need to connect Zapier to the PayPal account.

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