Stripe buy button options

I’m not familiar with the Stripe buy button options; does anyone have experience setting up a way to purchase a subscription with the option of paying monthly or paying annual?

Trying to see if I will need 2 buttons e.g. “pay per month” and “pay annual”

Here’s some info that may be of use. Stripe is currently a one time purchase.

thank you this is helpful! I will have to dig in to see if Memberful has options for user to choose between a “pay per month” and “annual” payment

if not, I think I can get away with using 2 buttons in Glide with those options

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Yes, in your case, 2 buttons is the simplest, cleanest solution.
You can have it done using one button, but there will be some lag when you change the frequency because data will be pushed back and forth between Glide and Google Sheets.

So to keep it simple, 2 buttons seems like a decent option.

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Having issues adding two different stripe buttons, Glide only is recognizing 1 product from Stripe.

Just assign a different product ID, name, and price to the second button from different columns in the sheet.

Thanks Jeff, it was actually me not understanding how the stripe button worked. I thought Glide was asking for the “product ID” in my stipe account to be able to identify my products from my stripe dashboard. But now I see that this is not the case, and Glide uses price/info from my google sheet.

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