Booking/ Scheduling feature with payment

Hello, I’m trying to create an app for a platform that will require paid bookings for multiple people (think booking and paying for a hairstylist online). Here’s and example of the layout I’d like:

A calendar to show up with available booking dates, user can click that to see available times. Once they select a date/ time they will be taken to a payment page. The payment needs to be automatically calculate based on the specific persons rate and the amount of time (ex: if they charge $5 per minute, and the user selects 30 min, that needs to be calculated on the checkout/payment page). From there a confirmation email needs to be sent to the user. Is something like this possible? I’m trying to embed Calendly on my app for now but im not sure there’s an option on glide to embed.

On the backside the multiple people should be able to have access to the calendar to add their personal availability, block off dates, etc. Thanks!

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Hola @F_G

I think my demo APP can do what you re looking for

I’d have to include the payment section but this is not difficult, the hard part is the time slot reservation and it works perfectly using some JS code and plugins.

With regard to “…access to the calendar to add their personal availability, block off dates,” I created a section for handling this request:


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Your app looks great, thank you for sharing! Im very new to glide, so how would I be able to add these features to my app?

We built something pretty much like this for a client.
Its a booking app for hairdressers. Each has their own calendar and ppl can’t book outside of their working hours or in conflicting time slots. The app is at nappsworld.App

If you’re looking to have an app like this built for you, you can connect or contact us at or find us as Glide Certified Experts :medal_military:.

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Welcome to the community @F_G !

As others have responded, this is complex but 100% possible in Glide.

One thing to be sure you have worked out is what payment methods you want available. Do you already have some in mind?

As for your question about embedding Calendly, you should be able to do so with the webview component.

At Riegel Groupe we created a booking app with all the bells and whistles you mentioned above. We included text message confirmations in that project, but email confirmation is also available.

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Thank you! I plan on using stripe or PayPal

If you’re accepting all payments through one Stripe account then you can use the stripe payment button already available in Glide.

If you’re trying to create a marketplace where users pay other users you will need to build some complex workarounds or hire a Glide Expert to do the work for you.

I’ve posted about using and Stripe Connect in the forum, you can link to the threads below. These threads are bit outdated - with new columns like Experimental Code, Data & APIs and JavaScript there’s probably a better solution.

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Hi again @F_G !!

If you need to use Stripe or PayPal no problem, we can integrate it to your APP. As I told you, this is not the hardest part to develop, we have done this before.

The APP uses 100% Glide’s components to make easy its maintenance and scalability.

If you need more info, please send me a DM to talk about it and give you better ideas.


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