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Hi Gliders! Hope someone can help? I am trying to build a hairdressers booking app to test with 10 hairdressers. Does anyone have a similar template they can share with me? Thanks, Mary

Probably this can fit your case.


Hi, thanks for getting back. Ive only just seen your message. The link you shared doesn’t work, possibly app is no longer available?

Well, after months of sleepless nights I managed to design something of my own. I have 10 hairdressers open slots on different sheets, however I have noticed the app loads very slow, email sign pin is slow and the appointments made does not pull into my Google Sheets. Could this be the amount of data. I have upgraded to Pro - can you help?

Is there a reason you don’t want to combine them all into 1 sheet? Is the form not writing new rows?

Wish I could show you my screen…

It seems to be working now. I had to delete the sheets and started again. All hairdressers have different services, prices and availabilities (all specific to the hairdresser), so I can’t see how I could combine all data into 1 sheet and still pull in the correct information into the right hairdressers profile - i.e. opening times, hairstyles etc. The idea is that customers can find and book an appointment with their preferred hairdresser.

Is there a way to combine them into one sheet? that would be great…



I don’t know how you’re structuring the sheet right now but from my point of view, it can be something like this.

Profiles: Email | Name | Image | Type (Hairdresser/User) | Unique ID
Services: Hairdresser’s unique ID | Service name | Service price | Availability | Unique ID
Bookings: Service’s unique ID | Time start | Time end | Confirmed (boolean)

You can show a Hairdressers tab, sourcing the profiles sheet and filter by type is hairdresser. Have a favorite action so they can have a “Favorites” list.

In each details view, create an inline list, sourcing a relation matching the hairdresser’s ID with all services having that hairdresser’s ID.

In each service, create a form button for the users to make bookings.

Thanks for your help on this. It sounds like a better structure to what I’ve got, but I am new to this platform so I will need your guidance.

It might be easier to share screens. Do you have an email address that I can share some screenshots (only because the have personal user data on my sheet and can’t share it here)

Let me know…


You can share it to

Thank you. Just sent you an email.