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Hey Everyone,

Just found out about glide & am enjoying it thoroughly. I had a question though. I can basically hack together the project I am working on (vs learning swift & creating just an iOS application), but the only thing I am hung up on is a subscription membership. Is there a way to do this currently? I was thinking of creating a web app & once the user checks out give them a unique password or whitelist them. I suppose you could do this with 2 Glide applications as well.

Also, the app i’m working on requires users to upload an image, is there a way to do this & timestamp/add a UID to user on this image?



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If you do a search for “recurring” in the forum, there are a couple threads regarding recurring payments. At this time it doesn’t sound like it’s possible with the current implementation of Stripe. Using an outside method and adding the user to the whitelist might be the best method.

As for attaching a timestamp and UID to an image, you can do this with the Special Value components when adding/editing or using a form button. If you are talking about a UID that’s attached to that specific user, then use the Column Values components to pull column values from the detail page you were on.


Awesome - thank you so much!!

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