Table not sorting by dates

Hi, i’m using the new table component to sort all my missions by dates but i don’t know why it doesn’t seem to work.

I tried with List and Data grid and its works fine.

Is it just a bug, or am i doing something wrong ?

What type of data source are you pointing the table to? I just tried a Glide Table and a Big Table, both work for me.

Im using glide table, i think it doesn’t work because i wrote some of the date manually

Thank for your help !


Is there a reason you did that manually? I think you can get the info using a form, perhaps?

Im still testing the app and its faster to do it manually xd.

Because the date you see on the screenshots are a condition between dates that user choose (with date picker) and dates set by make, maybe that’s why there is a conflict.

I saw on another post a way to convert dates to number, and use this number to sort my table.
So far, it seems to be working.

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