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Hi all

Basically I have a table view with a sort based on expiry date. This expiry date made using the “date difference” column.

The sort is correct. However, every few seconds, the rows will shift. It’s still correct in that the entries with the same expiry date will be together, but their order will just move randomly. And it always happens. Both in the player view and published app view.

The following screenshots are made a couple of seconds apart.

It’s not a big deal, but it does make me lose track of what I’m doing, and visually it’s just really distracting.

Try using a math column instead of a Date Difference column and see if that makes a difference.

Hi Jeff

How do it format it right?

How does your date difference column handle rounding currently? Would you always round up, round down, or round to the nearest day? If you wrap the math with the appropriate rounding operation, then it will format as a number and you can set the Units (Days).

CEILING(end - today) 
ROUND(end - today) 
FLOOR(end - today) 

I can totally understand you because I also had the same issue and it can be very frustrating when the table view is shifting unexpectedly in your app. It sounds like a glitch that might need technical support from GlideApps. I recommend contacting GlideApps support directly with the details you’ve provided, including the screenshots. They should be able to investigate and help resolve this issue promptly.

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@dtks Does Jeff’s latest comment help? Can you update us on how it went? Thank you.


It works like a charm! Thanks!


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