New glide user question about incorrect times showing up in the layout view?

Hello, I’m new to Glide and have a question about a project I just created on the app. It’s a planner for a medical conference, and each excel sheet that I used for the data is separated by specific dates (i.e one tab is September 9th and the following tab is September 10th). For some reason, an automatic time of 12:00 keeps appearing for each presentation on the layout view, despite that not being the time I entered. This time of 12:00 does not appear in my data sheets, so I’m confused how it’s getting there and how I can remove it. Do I need to change a time setting on my desk top, or is there an easier way to go about this?

I attached a photo of one of the tabs, and what the incorrect time looks like next to the presentation titles
Time example

Check the date column in the data editor. Click on the heading to edit the column and make sure that it’s formatted as Date Only instead of Date and TIme.

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Thanks so much for your response- that helped get rid of it, but for some reason the correct times are now appearing where that 12:00 was for only some of the sheets (i.e the correct times are now appearing for September 10th but no dates appear for the 9th). All the date and time’s in each sheet are under the same settings. Also, do you know if there’s a way to pick what order the different sheets come up in? For example, in the picture attached, I want the dates to be in consecutive order, but I don’t know how to change this.

Well, I guess my question would be, do your date columns in fact contain a full date and time? I date with no time will most likely default to midnight for that day. By changing the column settings to show date only, it ignores the underlying time, even if its there. If your column do contain a date and a time in the underlying data, and you are displaying a date and a time, then it should also show a time in the calendar. I guess I would need to see screenshots of your data and your calendar list in each case where it is showing a time and where it is not showing a time.

The the tab panel in the upper left hand corner of the builder, you can just drag and drop the tabs in any order that you want.

Jeff has answered your question, but I can’t help being curious about the fact that you’re naming your tabs after specific dates.

This seems rather odd. Do you mind explaining that? I’m suspecting that there might be a better/easier way to get what you want.

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Thanks, that explanation helped with the incorrect times.

It lets me change the order of the tabs appearing on the bottom, but I can’t change the order of the tabs that are listed under the three lines, which are the categories in the above picture.

I’m labeling the tabs as dates because that’s how I’m separating the different days of the conference. If someone wants to see what presentations are planned for a certain day, they can press that tab and view all the possible presentations, then press on a specific presentation to see the details (i.e location, type of presentation, time, etc).

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Are you sure about this? There should be a Menu category in that upper left panel that lets you reorder tabs in the side menu as well. Do you have screenshots showing the order of the tabs in in the upper left panel, and the tabs as they appear in the app?

Okay, the tabs that show up here are the ones listed on the bottom of the screen. When I press menu, nothing happens

Try scrolling down on that list.

That worked! Can’t believe I didn’t do that before lol- thank you so much for all of your help

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ah, I see - it’s an Event App.
Okay cool, that makes sense :+1: