Sort by Time column not working in List Collection

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I have an app with List component. I’m trying to sort the data based on the Time column: Hora, that comes from a Glide table. This sorting is not working:

Neither on asc or desc.

This sorting was working before in this component, but when I migrated the app data from Google Sheets to Glide Tables (and therefore rebuilt it) this stopped working.


How to replicate

  1. Create a list component from a Glide Table
  2. Have a Time Only without seconds column in the Glide table
  3. Try to sort the column by this field

Thanks for your help!

Can you go to the data view, click on some of the cells in the Hora column, and screenshot them for us?

My thinking is whilst you’re using “Time Only”, the underlying value still has a date, so that’s what it’s sorting.

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Sure @ThinhDinh , here are some screenshots:


So you have the date in a column, and the hour in another? Is there a reason you don’t have the date/time combined in one? Not that it is the reason for the bug here, thought I may ask.

I would try to use a math column with the formula HOUR(T) with T being the “Hora” column, and sort by that column to see if it helps.

I have them separated because the form that I use for getting this info gets this values independently in 2 different moments.

I found the solution by sorting the values not in the list component, but in the page.

That sounds weird, can you elaborate more? Sorting on the page/tab level means you’re changing the row tied to the tab.

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