Sorting inlinline lists with date and time

I am making an app to share all the links that I bookmark with the world.
I do it like this:

  1. I use the Webclipper of Airtable to easily add a bookmark (titel, description, tags, url) + a screenshot of the site to my database.
  2. I use Zapier to transform all data to Google Sheets.
  3. I use Inline lists in Glide to show the different categories.

I have one problem. In Airtable (and in Google Sheets too for that reason) I have a column with the date and time of bookmarking.
In the inline list I want to sort not from A>Z but from Last added > first added. I don’t get that option for my date / time field. What goes wrong? Is it not possible? Does Glide not recognise that it’s date time? Do I have to do something else?

This is what I’m making:


Check out this screenshot.

When you select your inline list, afterwards on the right, under features and then in the sort section, you can select “reverse list”.

Hope that helps.

Thanks! That worked! Life can be simple :wink:

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Just remember that you can always reformat the date into YYYYMMDD which allows for easy sorting. I believe Glide allows for proper sorting of date columns, but I haven’t experimented much with that.

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