Tab Access conditions not working

I’ve added a tab with a condition on it, and when I’m editing the screen design on my computer, I can see the tab according to the condition I set, but when I look at it on my phone, I can’t see the tab. Any ideas why this might be happening?

Sharing what the condition is would help us get some ideas about why it might not be working.

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I basically only want myself to have access to the tab. So I have a column in my user spreadsheet called access, and I gave myself the label of admin. I tried setting the condition as both acces column is not empty and access colum is admin. Both of those work when I’m looking at it on my computer, but neither work when I’m looking at the app on my phone.

Are you signing in as the same user who is previewing the app in the builder?


Can you share some screenshots of your data, and how this is configured?

Actually, wait, so I am the only admin person who is working on the app from the back end. When I turned on the user profile log-in feature, I created a user spreadsheet and put myself as the first user and entered in my email that way. Is that what I should have done? Does the app think that person on the spreadsheet is a different user? The email that I am using to log into the app is the same email that I put onto the spreadsheet.

Do you see any other users in the spreadsheet? Please show us a video or screenshots–it’s not fun to guess in the dark!

I also just tried changing the condition to make it for my exact email, so then I thought even if the app thinks I’m a different person than who is on the spreadsheet, I’m still logged in with the same email as the user on the spreadsheet that I’m trying to give permission to, but that didn’t work either.

If there are other users on the sheet, was a new one created when you signed in outside of the builder? It may have created a new row, which is actually the one that’s connected to your signed in user and that might be the one that needs to be marked as admin.

To try to simplify, I made the condition to be my exact email. When I look at the app on my phone when I’m logged in that is the email that I see, but that didn’t work either.

Aha, ok, so I tried making the email condition to be based on my personal email, which I have entered on the sheet when I was testing and playing around. When I log in with that email, I can see the tab that I want! I’m tight on time, so I’m just going to go with that for now.

Thanks for trying to help!

The reason I asked if it created a new row when you signed in on your phone, is that it may have created a new row with an anonymous email. The app will show your real email, but it’s still associated with the anonymous email. So what I’m guessing is that you need to put the admin flag on that row with the anonymous email. Glide can sometimes give unexpected results when you manually create rows in the user profile sheet. I find it’s better to let the app create the row, and then use that as your personal user profile row.