Boolean and row owners

Is it the case that the boolean columns won’t work on a tab with row owners? I was trying to do a workaround accepting terms and conditions, but my users are row owners. The boolean works when row owners are off but won’t work when on. Just wondering if this was the case or if I was doing something wrong

I assume you’re using a normal Sheet column for the boolean?

I used a Boolean, should I use a regular text and show true or false?

No that won’t change anything. Can you clarify what doesn’t work with the way you’re doing it now?

So as said, I wanna do a workaround for accepting privacy policy.
App is public with the option to sign in. Before sign in user has to accept T&C otherwise the button will show a message, if accepted, then sign in. My users tap has row owners enabled, I add the checkbox button but doesn’t allow me to click, but if I disable row owners it does. Of course the checkbox would be user specific. Now, the question is, doesn’t it work because it has row owners enabled? But also does it need to be user specific since it has row owners enabled? I think I may answered myself…but hey, here’s the response :wink:. Thanks anyway @ThinhDinh

I think the easier way is to use Glide’s native T&C option. Would it work?

I think the problem you are running into is that you don’t have a row for the checkbox to update due to Row Owners being enabled. If the screen is not attached to a row, then all entry components are greyed out and you can’t change them. Disabling Row Owners is allowing the screen to attach to the first row in the sheet so you can update the boolean. The problem is you need the user to sign in to get a row, but you don’t want the user to sign in until they agree to the conditions. What you need to do is have a separate sheet with a single row and without row owners. In that sheet, you only need a single user specific column to hold the boolean value and then show or hide the sign in button based on that boolean. The sign in will fill the normal user profile sheet.


That makes a lot of sense Jeff, thank you both for your help