Is it just me or... are conditions not working?

Hey guys,

I recently changed my user profiles sheet - bad mistake - but that’s another story. It seems as if I cannot create if-then-else columns and conditions are acing extremely strange.
For example, in the above example, Admin is selected for one user, and if admin is not true, then all users except the user with admin should have something in that column. Instead, they all have something.

Also, visibility conditions for components are no longer working. When I say 'show component when {blablabla} is blablabla, then it’ll show the component no matter what, even if {blablabla} is not blablaba.

Has this been happening to anyone else?

Could you share a support link, please, and tell us where exactly to find the problem?

Looks very much like a Row Owner issue to me. Check who you’re “impersonating” in the GDE.

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Support code: Glide · Create Apps from Google Sheets
Sheet: Private Profiles
Column: ‘New Column’

I am impersonating the same person who has Admin = true

Yes. I see that row is highlighted. The others are dimmed. So I “think” that your if-then-else will show the value calculated for the impersonated user. Try to impersonate the user above and see what happens.

The problem is that the value in the column isn’t actually TRUE, it’s Y, which in this case doesn’t compare correctly. I’d say it’s a bug in Glide, but it’s easy to fix on your part - just put in TRUE.


You have no idea how helpful that was.

I always used ‘true’ though… is this a new update?

No, I’m pretty sure that behavior was always present.

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