Synchronization Issues with Airtable and Glide


I would like to have more details regarding synchronization with Airtable.
What are the actual synchronization times?
And does synchronization not occur if no one logs into the application?

Does the “sync mode” affect Airtable synchronization?
I set one of my applications to “Extra” mode, but it doesn’t change anything about the synchronization and I don’t have any additional update count.

My use case is as follows:
I have a job board for a company, and I would like to retrieve the Glide row ID to construct the URL to access the job posting directly.
I am currently retrieving this ROW ID via the Glide API.
Despite waiting more than 15 minutes in my Glide API retrieval scenario, the synchronization is not always done by Glide, and this is a problem for me.
I need to construct this job posting link with the Glide Row Id to send it to various recruitment platforms.

Can you help me?