Sync issue with deleted records in Glide app not deleting in Airtable

Hi, there seems to be a sync issue with records not deleting in Airtable.

Users can add payments from the app, which updates in Airtable.

However, when I delete a payment record from my Glide app, it removes the data from Glide but not from Airtable. This is a big problem because payment totals that Airtable sends back to Glide are incorrect if anything is deleted.

There are a couple of Airtable automations that update & link the new record with existing ‘summary’ tables; however, I’ve tried turning off these automations then tried adding a new payment - but when deleted from Glide the record is still showing in Airtable.

This doesn’t happen in other tables - just the payments table.

Here’s my Glide app:
And here’s a video walking through the problem: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Please help!

That does look like a bug to me. Can you please submit a ticket? Thank you.