Swiping/ Product Instruction Guide App

Hello, I’m working on an app and am running into issues. I set up the Glide tables and have related the “steps” to the “Instruction Guides” . I’m new to Glide. After getting it to function in the manner I would like. The main screen says “Quick Start Guide”. That takes you to the four different instruction guides. I have these steps related to the Instruction guides. I want the “steps” to use the swipe list which I got it to do, but I cannot get the swipe lists to display only the related instruction guides steps. Each instruction guide has the full list of steps. If I filter to a category it filters but applies to all the instruction guides. If this is not possible what are my other options? I looked at the actions but don’t see a way to create a button to click to do something like clicking “Next” to go to the next step.

Adding Screenshots