Layout for step by step instructions

I want to present steps (in a workout) that have unique instructions and a video.

Is there a layout (or a way to configure a layout) so that it works something like the Tasty app?

I’m referring to the steps in recipe instructions, i.e. 3 of 12, where you can advance between steps and each workout has it’s own set of steps.

I like the idea. Probably need some sort of pagination. I’m thinking an inline list could work where details view has video and steps. On main page could also do a filter by step and if steps are sorted alphabetically, it could mimic this functionality.

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Check out the paging example in It’s pretty basic and I have a more advanced one for a photo gallery that I’ll try to post sometime soon.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager, the paging example looks great, is there a way to not show the full list of steps to the user?

Well you could just change from the list layout to the detail layout.

Here’s a copy of an app I’m working on. It pretty rough at the moment, but if you look at the memories tab you can see a more advance version of what I’m doing with the buttons. It’s a photo gallery with buttons that show the previous and next image. I’m displaying everything in reverse order so the logic is a bit backwards.

Awesome Jeff. This would be a great component (pagination) right? Get’s pretty hacky to implement this using current components. #feature-requests

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@Jeff_Hager Really like your food/activity tab. Great way of using choices. I can’t remember - can choices stay selected for one user or are they still ‘global’ so a change of choice will affect everybody?

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@blairrorani yes, it’s a bit hacky to get it to work nicely, but that’s how all code is written, right? :wink: I agree, this would be nice as a component.

@Krivo Currently my set up is global for all users. It would work fine if I had a detail record for each user, but that can be a lot of overhead for generic information like this. Right now I’m waiting for’ User Specific Data’ columns to become a reality. That will be huge for allowing people to build their own filters and storing unique data for each user within global data.

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