New layout, old instruction videos

when I watch a learn video, the program looks nothing like what it looks like when Im working with it. this makes things confusing. The persons talking in the videos are very fast and they use a lot of terminology that I would like to have explained. All of this makes making an app rather tedious and not at all fast and easy.
I want to make a diary to keep check on medical symptoms that I need to remember and make visual in a graph.

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Glide has changed a lot recently and keeping the documentation up to date is a huge task. Glide recently hired an education manager (@PabloMFalero) and I’m sure he’ll work on getting some of that tidied up.

Your best bet is to use this Community and ask specific questions about the issues you’re running into. Everyone is very responsive and the advice is almost always more up to date than the documentation!


Working hard on them, if you go through them, you’ll notice the changes already!!!:v::v::v::v::v:


I want to find a way to have a list of items, and each day choose one value for that item and have that added for that day into a list I can look at.

example: Pills - choose pill A - choose 1 pill of 10 mg. A week later see that on monday I took 1 pill A of 10 mg. Tuesday I took 2 pills A of 10 mg each.
Is this possible??

It sounds like you could set up a simple form to capture the date, pill choice and amount. You could create a submissions table/sheet to store those form submissions and display them to the user afterwards.

ah yes. Thats what I dont know how to do and thats what I would like to see an example of.