Looking for a template to keep track of medication

Hi Gliders,
Sorry, another question from me, that I cannot really place in a category.
Because of my medical condition, I am taking medication several times a day.
I have found several apps to help me to keep track of my medication, but I don’t like them or have trouble getting used to them.
There is one app that I am using for many years, but last year they decided to change the app and use a completely different layout and working of the app. I already contacted them to request some features, but they have no idea if or when they could implement some of them. The rest they had refused.
So, I started a little bit with creating my own app.
I know, I cannot set an alarm or create push notifications, but I think I will just use my phone alarm. So I only need to keep track of, what medication and what dosage I need to take. And at the same time, keep track of what I have in stock for each medication.
I have some ideas on how to do this. The problem comes with the medication that I have a different dosages for on different days/weeks.
If they were all fixed it would be okay, but it is not.
After many attempts to create sheets/tables and experiment with different ideas, I am running out of ways to do it.
That is why I am looking for a template that maybe could help me.
Just to get some ideas.
I already went through the list of templates but did not find anything.
That’s why I hope that there is someone here that maybe has some idea of what template maybe I could use or maybe use some parts of it.
Every help or idea is welcome.

There are some more things that I need to keep track of, but I already have a simple Glide app that I made for that.

Many thanks in advance for your time and effort.

Spent some time with this yesterday. Let me know if something like this meets your needs:


@Somps :point_up:

@Robert_Petitto, Thanks, that looks nice. That was something I was looking for. I know that what I was looking for would be complicated or even impossible to do with Glide apps. :slight_smile:

Darren messaged me… I think he was pointing me in your direction. When I started reading your message, I thought that was what I wrote and had to check. OH, another person ñ with my problem. I had help with my app and I’ve been using it for a long time and I am happy with it. I take a lot of medication and sometimesI take half a dose or sometimes this or that… I needed flexibility. This app gives me that flexibility and if you can use it, you can see if that fits your needs. All I have to do each month is copy and rename a sheet to current month and then copy app and point new app copy to new empty sheet copy and voila… it works. I’m not sure how to shar it. tell me see what I can do.

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I’m guessing that was for me to see if sharing my app would help him, right? How do I share my app without it causing an issue with what I do? Thanks.

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https://coherent-engine-3411.glideapp.io/ See if this works…

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I’m not sure if you want to share that link since anybody can start messing with your app. I less that’s a duplicate copy???

No, I wanted to bring Bob’s video to your attention. You should have a look

@Somps, thanks. I am also unsure how to share, but as mentioned, now everyone can mess up your app.
Maybe someone can explain how to share it.
I have some idea, that you can create it as a template, but then everything needs to be in Glide tables.
I only looked at your Home screen and it almost looks like what Robert had made.
If you are able to share it, then I would like to have a closer look at it. :slight_smile:

you can make a copyable template… nobody will be able to mess up your app… they will have their own copy

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@Somps, Thanks for sharing your app. I had another look at it, but it is not what I was looking for, but thanks for the effort :slight_smile:

@slscustom.ru, Thanks for sharing this. I had a look at it, but it is not what I was looking for. But thanks for sharing and your effort. :slight_smile:

Now I have slightly modified the algorithm. But nevertheless it is still a fast prototype. The interface can also be APPS. I would be interested to know what exactly you need to be able to bring to practical application. I have time to do this, but I do not know what people need from this application, what specific functionality.
The main idea is a graph and marks on it:
I have a table in which I create a course (time period) or, more simply, a list of months and days of the week during which data from another table is activated.
The entries in the second table are the activation of the display within the day. For these entries in the second table, I can specify different doses. The marks of the doses taken are recorded in a list containing the ID of the time within the day and the date of admission, so we see on which day we missed the appointment. Of course, you can also mark with color what reception will be now, according to the current time,

@Robert_Petitto, as you maybe had seen, there were some other samples, but yours is something I am leaning more towards. I like the way you thought of the scheduling part. In reality, or in my case, it is a bit more complex. That is why I thought that maybe it was not possible in Glide.

Want to share some of the “complexity” that perhaps my concept is missing?

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@Robert_Petitto, I can give an example of my situation.
I take medication 5x a day. Some medication I take it twice a day.
One of them, I take a half in the morning and a whole tablet in the evening.
Then there is one medication, that can change every day.
I have a schedule that shows per week, how many tablets of that medication I need to take per day. The schedule could be something like 3,3,2,3,3,3,2 or 3,3,3,3,2,3,3 or 3,3,2,3,3,2,3 or maybe even like 1,3,3,2,3,3,3 or 4,3,3,3,3,3,3 etc
On special occasions, I also need to stop with this medication and maybe a week later start again.
Then there are several medications I take “when needed”. I only take them when I need to.
Then there is one medication that I take when I am eating. So I take three tablets at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We don’t eat at fixed times, so it is difficult to place them in a schedule.

Normally on a Sunday evening, I will sit down at the table and start arranging my medication for the coming week. So my week goes from Monday until Sunday evening.

I also would like to be able to keep track of what I still have “in stock”
When I get my new supply, I also want to update this.

I hope you have some idea about what I mean by “complex”


Wow…ya complex. It IS possible to account for all of that, but not the way I’ve set it up. You’d need to have a conditional setup that would allow you to override times for each day, etc. way to complicated for a weekend project :sweat_smile:

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I know. I am working on this for a while now. That is why I was looking for some kind of template, so I could maybe use some parts of it.
I think that because of the complexity, there are no templates for a medicine tracker.

As I maybe had mentioned, I had made a “simple” app already and wanted to expand this. Right now I am keeping track of one medication. It shows me how much I still have and for how many days that should be. In there I also keep track of my weight, blood pressure, pulse, and blood INR.

I am now thinking of maybe trying to expand it, but with fixed data. And maybe for that one medication with the changing number of tablets per day, give some options on selecting quantity.