Daily Quiz App

Developed this app for a friend, who is in the business of quizzing, trivia, innovation-themed workshop, problem-solving, etc.

This app is for daily engagement with their audience in the form of trivia of the day.
App Link: https://yng1h.glideapp.io

A set of MCQs is logged for every day, along with the right answers.
After a user takes the quiz, there is a section for them to view their performance on each attempt of the quiz.

There is another section for a leaderboard, wherein the scores from the first attempt of the day are summed up for all the quizzes they take. Hence a login by email is desireable.

If you have any questions, let me know! :slight_smile:


Love it @sardamit :clap:t2:

Nice. All you need to do is change the questions and it could become a Duolingo language training clone.

Wow. Never thought of that, Les!


Hi @sardamit this looks great. I would like to try and build something similar, could you share your spreadsheet and logic so others can recreate and build upon?

A quick tutorial would be fantastic to see how you went about it!

Many thanks.

Looks like this App doesn’t have data now. I can’t go through today’s quiz.

Hey! I developed this template for a friend and I am not actively maintaining this app. Treat this only as a template. :slight_smile:

I checked out your usecase and from the look of it, my app’s constraint is that you have to have the same format for every question every day. Otherwise you have to rewrite the components every day in the app.

So, for instance, if your first question is an MCQ, your question in Q1 for all subsequent days has to be an MCQ.

You can send me a DM and I will share the google sheet with you.


Thanks for calcifying that, will DM you now.