Simple Quizzing Functionality

Hi all! I am getting to know Glide and have an eLearning related question.

Is it possible to create quizzing functionality using Glide ?

Functionality Required:
Track user score, multiple question types.

The types of questions I would love to create are:

  1. True /False
  2. Multiple Choice
  3. Fill in the blank

Any advice greatly appreciated,

Looks like you found Amit’s thread already - but posting here for future users.

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Yes thanks @JackVaughan I have requested some more info form Amit so hopefully he will share more soon.

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Thank you, Jack!

You’re the best community manager!! :slight_smile:


@sardamit Could you please share the spreadsheet to learn or to enable copy of your quiz app, I couldn’t send direct message. my mail -

Appreciate your help

Hi Amit would love if you can share it with me as well. @sardamit

I, Amy, would like if you can share with me too.