Is the Swipe action (view?) no longer available?

I see a Swipe option in a lot of Glide videos I’m watching, but I can’t find any way to see that in my editor and I can’t find any documentation to support it.

Is it no longer available or am I doing something wrong?

Do you have an App project or a Page project? Swipe is only available in Apps.

I see. Yeah, I picked Page. I see in this recent discussion that Glide is focusing on Pages now. Is there any word about trying to bring the swipe functionality over to pages?

I asked the same thing…haven’t heard back yet. @Ivo_Elbert ?


It’s not in the immediate plans.

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In this video talking about upcoming features, he mentions horizontal collections. That seems to be controlled by a swipe. Looks interesting.

That’s different from the “Swipe” layout you see in Apps, if you mean that thing.

For Pages horizontal collections, yes, David said it’s coming in 2023 as Glide plans to focus on Pages.

Will there be some kind of detail screen equivalent (i.e. a lightbox)? I use the swipe feature for flashcards on our apps as part of a training module for new hires to learn our menu. It would be a similar experience if they can tap a photo and read more about it, but I like the interaction they get from tapping to unveil the name of the dish, ingredients and then how to sell it before moving onto the next item. My users enjoy gamification in the app. Totally understand needing to consolidate, but may need a hand brainstorming on what to use going forward.