Summarizing user data across all users

I have an application where users select preferences from a few hundred choices to narrow down their results. It would be really valuable to me to summarize this data across all users and keep dashboards of their preferences (using a separate tool). Currently, the only way I am able to view or manipulate per-user data is to “Preview As” that user, but this would be manually recording their data and quite tedious. Their preferences are not something I can put on a form because I do the filtering on the glide side and they may change every day. Has anyone found a nice workaround for this? A similar application would be summarizing user favorites data across all users.

As of now we don’t have rollup over user-specific columns, if that’s what you’re trying to find. Your best bet is to record that back to the Sheets via a form, and you can still let them edit their preferences.