Suggestions Wanted

I got this message from a family member. Any sugggestions on Templates or what I can do to help her out?

At the end of sept, our church is hosting an in house womens conference. my boss wants to create a ticket so that when someone registers they
A) get a ticket as proof and
B) we can scan their ticket as a form of taking attendance.
Our original idea was to have a “check in” system for when they arrive, which wouldn’t be difficult for 50 or so people. But we’re hopeful that one day this conference would get bigger people, so we’re trying to prepare as if that’s how many we would have. Does that make sense?

I have looked over some of the conference apps, but wanted to see if there were some out there that better fit this description.

Thanks for the thoughts!

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Do users have to print their ticket out and scan when they go to the church? Does something happen after you scan the ticket, like a tick on a boolean column to check that the specific user has used the ticket?

Great questions, I will ask them!

Thanks for the terrific insights!

For use cases like this, back when I started with Glide I have something like that, for a restaurant.

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