Concept: Sending digital membership card after subscription

Hi, today I would like to show a concept of delivering digital membership card after users have bought a subscription pack.

This consists of a form in Glide, a script in Google Sheets, some work with Cloudinary to come to the final product: a personalized email, with the image of the “digital membership card” inside.

Here’s how it works in real time.


You can try it out yourself in my test app:

I am trying to deliver the same thing for order confirmations. Stay tuned!

If anyone wants to integrate this to their system, feel free to message me or drop an email at


Special thanks to @Robert_Petitto for providing the videos on Cloudinary, @ionamol for getting Cloudinary to this community!



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:clap: nice work, tried it out and it worked well.

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Thanks Jason, hopefully this would bring ideas to people who want to implement this for their business without integrating a 3rd party service!

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Super cool! Can you spell out a bit more how you did it? I assume Cloudinary, Zapier, and?

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It’s just Cloudinary and Google Scripts, nothing more. My business partner wants to steer away from Zapier, so I’m doing this via Scripts for him.

Ah, interesting. Is the Google Scripts code public anywhere? Or Custom done?

It’s custom done, if you need to setup something like this feel free to message me. I’m working on sending orders confirmation as well.

Or if you want to learn it yourself, you can start here:

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:pray: Wiz’s Restaurant! :blush::pray:.

Great! The pro version will contain all!!