Event & Ticket Management App

Hi all,
Glide has been amazing & I built an event & ticket management app modeled around eventbrite. I’ve given ability to create events from the app for the owners, keep in draft mode and make events live once tickets are added. Tickets can be charged or offered free of charge with service fees added. Owners can control the number of tickets available for each ticket type. Users can view free and paid events, buy tickets, and pay online (Using Stripe integration with Glide)

The key problem I faced is around inventory control for tickets - I’ve handled to some extent ( User can add items to cart but once they go to check-out they need to place with-in x mins, once order is placed, ticket counts are adjusted automatically - There is still a lot of back & forth with Google sheets)

What I’m still trying to figure out is

  1. Email to user - I’m learning app script to send email to user once they buy tickets
  2. Check-in during the event - How to do QR code generation & allow scan-in service for the app owner - Any feedback around this would be great

Kindly share your feedback…

Note: Please do not buy tickets from this app, this is integrated with my stripe account.

Integromat has a module to generate qr codes from text.
You can save the image on a server or google drive and write the url in the google sheet. All with integromat.

With a webhook this could become a nice solution.

Quickcharts.io can generate QR code images on the fly without the need to store the images. I’m sure there are other similar services too.

Barcode scanning is in staging so it’s coming eventually.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager & @Jacktools_Net… I’ll try out & see which works…

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Both will work, but the quickchart option is infinitely simpler.
All you need is a template column with something like https://quickchart.io/qr?text=blah blah blah, then use that in an image component and you’re done.

(well, maybe not infinitely simpler, but… a lot simpler :wink:)

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Thanks @Darren_Murphy

The flow is below…

  1. Create QR code when user places ticket (Quick chart works) & send them via email ( This is where it may be trade off on quick chart vs integromat solve from above )
    During event day,
  2. User goes to event, opens app, shows quick chart QR code using link
  3. Event Organizer need to scan the code in user app & match it automatically ( Hoping the upcoming scanning feature will decode the underlying value & pass it to sheets, I can do a match to sign off)

That way, the flow would be ideal for the organizer…
Quick charts solve one half of the puzzle & once scanning is live, we can do end to end…

I have a question for you.

Why is the email even necessary?
If the user is purchasing the ticket via the app, and they have to show their virtual ticket via the app to gain entry to the event, then what is the purpose of the email?
If it’s just a confirmation of their purchase, then why can’t you simply just provide that confirmation via the app, and allow them to view their “ticket” immediately after the purchase?

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Hi @Darren_Murphy ,
You are right, currently, user can view their ticket immediately after purchase…

Email is an add-on function & only for use cases like sharing / printing of ticket etc. Quickcharts solve the problem as long as I don’t have to show the QR code image somewhere else…

Any update on the scanning feature? Where you can scan a ticket?

This is what’s available natively.


If you need more robust scanning ability.

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