Add a QR CODE ticket automatically depending on number of ticket

Hello !

I’m sorry for my english but I will try to explain my problem. To begin, thank you very much because this community help me a lot of.

So, I created an booking app for events and when an user buys an ticket, he have a qr code ticket in his user profile which are created with Google API. It’s ok for now beacuse he buys 1 ticket (on 1 row)

But I search a way when the user buys 2 tickets for example. So I need to generate a qr code depending on number of ticket bought. Thank you.

@Damon_Salvatore if you have a column with rowid and another column with number-of-tickets then you can combine these two with a template column. This column you use as basis for your QR code. Notice that you can do the QR code natively in glide now. No need for google api


@Damon_Salvatore just thinking. If you want two different QR code’s for the customer if he buys two tickets then you could make two columns - one for ticket 1 and one for ticket 2. It will add up column wise if you have possibility to buy multiple tickets


Yes definitely use the new computed column for your QR code!

You could try automatically counting the number of the ticket that’s happening in one order. For instance if I’m purchasing tickets and my current order number is MYID-ORDERID, then the string you would use to generate the QR code to scan would be MYID-ORDERID-Num with “Num” being the ticket number (i.e. ticket 1, ticket 2). These values would be unique to each ticket, but the tickets would all share the same order of based on the “ MYID-ORDERID” string I mentioned above.

To create multiple tickets in an order I would create a custom action to add the corresponding number of tickets based on how many tickets the user bought at checkout.


Expanding on this and thinking about saving rows… you could also keep the approach @Krivo mentioned above and limit the number of times a ticket can be scanned for entry based on the quantity purchased. If a ticket was purchased for 3 people, that code can be scanned three times before it’s no longer valid to allow additional entries.

This way you have control over the tickets scanned without adding additional rows. Rows are precious


@lisa how do you scan the QR in glide? Also, are the options in Glide once a QR is scanned?

Does anyone know if the scanner action will read the new QR code?

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I haven’t tested the QR code scanning, only barcodes.

At Riegel Groupe, we built an app to test an event check in app like you mention in your post.

We used barcodes and created a custom action to check in the ticket holders to their events. You need to include a component with an action to “Scan Barcode”.

Below is a screenshot to the design from my dribbble account. In our example, we used a button to trigger the barcode scanner.

I know there’s been discussion to include QR code scanning in the future, but I personally don’t have a preference. Barcodes work the same way and take up less space on the screen.


@_eric qr-code scanning isn’t available yet in glide. Hope it comes. As @lisa said why not use barcode?

You could use a QR code api like in the demo app shown in below post. But I would go for barcode solution


Good to know! Thank you @Lisa and @Krivo for your input.

What happens when you exceed 1000 scans? Is there a way to get more scans?

@_eric more than 1000 scans? Contact glide to get a quote. I’m interested to know what the value more scans has