Creating members and tracking attendance (Scanning)

Hi Guys,

I have just joined and built my first app via Glide (cool software) for a nightclub ------->

I was wondering if there is a way to:

  1. Display a unique QR codes on each member profile
  2. Scan them each time they attend the nightclub
  3. Be able to see how many times each person attends.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

I think that would be straightforward. However, you it might be better to display a unique Bar Code and not a QR code.

  1. Have a Glide Table with list of members including names, membership status and an approved photo of the member
  2. Add a Row ID column to that sheet. This will generate a unique number ID for each member
  3. Add a special image column that generates a bar code based on each member’s unique ID number
  4. When the user arrives, they use the App to display their own unique bar code
  5. The reception will have the same app but with an option to scan the bar code, which will add a new row to a Guest sheet and automatically add details such as date; time; receptionist & crucially the scanned bar code ID
  6. The Guest sheet will contain a relations column that relates the scanned bar code IDs with all the user Row ID’s in the members sheet
  7. The App will use the relation to look up details of the member scanned, for example a name and photo that can be easily verified by the receptionist. If the relation fails to look up a member then entrance is denied

You could also add a column that flags any VIP status or risk status of the member when scanned.

Hope this helps.



Hi Simon,

Thanks for your quick reply! I implemented your suggestions but the barcode scanner takes time to pick up the barcode and much longer than a QR code. This would prove impossible to use in a long line of customers waiting to get in.

I wonder if there are any third party apps that can be integrated here? I will have a look.

If anyone else can think of anything that would be much appreciated.


yes, there is a way to that…
not 100% accurate but very close

I can generate a qr code for each user but I need to find a way to track how many times the guest has visited with a maximum limit of 1 scan per day.

it is a reverse approach for that… little complicated

get user device ID (using a Yes Code column), when they scan entry QR code… then you have it in your database for that day… then reverse to reentry signing he’s ID to it … meaning you have to let them scan a QR… not you scanning their QR… so that will work only if they have a smartphone with them… which is very common situation ;-)…
unless you wanna create a duplicate app for each customer and assign a link to each QR… lots of work

The trouble with them scanning the QR code is that it is open to abuse and manipulation. Someone could take a photo of it and scan later multiple times.

If they have a unique QR code for each user and we scan them then it is more secure and the data will be more accurate.

This would be a huge feature for Glide apps, scanning and tracking.

I’m going to give you a general idea and it’s up to you to play with it.
Create a user specific column in the user profile table.
Create a button with the action: incremented +1 each time it is clicked by the user. The column will be used to retrieve incrementation data.
Then create a DATE column with the NOW function
Then create a MATH column with the function now+1 which will measure 24 hours
Then create an ITE column so that additional clicks are not greater than 1
then creates a column that cumulates all the clicks (always by user).
I won’t go into details, what I’m saying isn’t very accurate but I think you should get away with it…

no… you are wrong… when they scan QR and enter the app… you will see their device id on your app… and a simple if-else column will tell you if they pay the entry… only cheating will be if they pass the phone… which normally will not happen and who will know that is a trick to cheat… lol

Thanks for your suggestions, so you are thinking of eliminating the QR code and scanning and using a button instead?

I think this could be open to abuse also, there must be a way to track them by QR code scanning.

Ok, im not good at coding im afraid, if/else doesn’t make sense to me.

Also I don’t need to know if they have paid or not, only attendance.

attendance is the info … if they paid or they were approved to enter… is just figure of spech

Ok if you think you know how to do this I would be really grateful for step by step instructions. As I said I am new to Glide, I am great with design but terrible with code and coding language!


I think what I described would work just as well with a button as with a QR code. I don’t know what @Uzo thinks about it… he is much more qualified than me… :thinking:

If 1,000 customers attend I need their unique ID to see how many of them attended every day, week etc.

A QR code links the record of attendance to that individual person.

I don’t think the button would?

@jabid … he wants QR code to be a factor for entry… so your solution is not gonna do it


I am happy to pay for a proper solution if it is available, I don’t expect anything for free.

the trick is … you need to have a device id for guests scanning the code… you can get it by using yes code column

Is a yes code column different to a ROW ID?

Row ID is unique to each user no?