Event arrival app :: Barcode scanner


I’m wanting to create an app to scan arrivals at a ticketed event ie barcode scanning feature is able to be used to scan invited and accepted attendees upon arrival.

As per screenshot attached, I have 4 tabs ::

  1. Event home tab with Scan button and progress bar.
  2. Arrived filtered list
  3. Still to arrive filtered list
  4. Attending list of all those who accepted the invite

A successful barcode scan actions to a detail screen of the attendee to check details. Once verified the operator would toggle an arrived button. This would then show up in the arrived list, filter out from the still to arrive list and add to the progress bar. This works fine when I do it manually.

Is it possible to do so with the barcode feature ie scan to detailed view of the attendee? If so, could you help with the action steps?

To test I have generated the barcode using the glide barcode generator with the Unique ID for the code.

Ultimately I would like to create an event invite page where invited guests could accept the invite and the acceptance is linked to this app ie it updates the attending list automatically


For production the internal barcode scanner functionality is not recommended, better look out for Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK online store, it integrates with Glide but it’s not free.

I’m thinking you can have an “Invites” table with the user ID and the event ID, then what you store in the barcode will be a template joining those two.

The “scan” screen will be built on a “working table” with a single row, scanning the barcode will write it to a user-specific column, let’s call it “Barcode Result”.

Then in the “Invites” table, you create the same template with the user ID and the event ID. For example “ID123456 - EV56789”.

Create a relation from the “Scan” table back to the “Invites” table, using the Barcode Result column and the template column in “Invites”.

Once you scan, if:

  • The relation is not empty => Show details screen of the relation (to the specific invitation screen). Once your operator have checked the details, they would press a button to set a column in the “Invites” table to confirm that the person does attend the event.

  • The relation is empty => Show a notification like “Invalid code”.