Barcode Scanner not available or working

I am trying to create a Ticket Scanning app, but I seem to have something wrong with the Barcode Scanner.

First of all, I couldn’t find the barcode scanner button in the new Glide Apps (which I found very weird), so I created an old app (since I have an old Glide Account). But the button does not update the desired column when it has scanned the barcode.
It sounds a lot like this problem: Barcode scanner not working - #16 by Bradley_Gibson
Is Glide not a great place to create a ticket system app?

I followed this video to set up the App:

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Ok. So I have not created an app with the Barcode Scanner before, so does that mean I can’t make it work? Because how would I copy the App or Action from another place?

Yes, that’s correct. You would have to work with Dynamsoft to use their plugin, as far as I understand.

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