Barcode scanner not working

I’m trying to recreate the video tutorial to create a ticket scanner: Ticket Barcode Scanning with Glide & Airtable - YouTube however the barcode scanning functionality doesn’t work on my phone nor when I run the app on my pc. It does access the camera and I see a grey/yellow line but when I try to scan a barcode, qr code or whatever it doesn’t seem to recognize anything.

I’m not sure this was the issue, but the barcode scanner is only available for Pro, Business & Enterprise levels.

hmmm ok that could do the trick, just very strange that they let you select and use the component and it simply doesn’t work no information at all …


@ThinhDinh I’ve upgraded to the Pro plan however this barcode scanning is not working yet. Is there anything else I need to change?

@Sean_Martin @Manan_Mehta can you help with this case? Thanks a lot.

@Tim_Gestels I’d recommend refreshing Glide and then unpublish and republishing app. If that doesn’t work please reach out to support so we can diagnose further,

Ok I made a new app and published it and now it works.
Although it seems to work very slowly and only for 2d barcodes?

Seems that I would not recommend this as a feature for professional customers.
Is there any workarounds or is the Glide team working on this to improve it?

@Tim_Gestels you should read this post

great thanks I’ll check it out !

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader - Prices start at USD 1,249/year

That seems like a whole lot of money for something that seems like a basic feature. At least in any other native app I know.


I this feature working yet? I just paid for the pro subscription but mine also doesn’t work… this is the only reason I upgraded.

To be more specific, the scanner registers a successful scan (the line turns green), but then nothing is read into the field where the string is supposed to be read.

All of the tutorials are usingn airtable – just checking that this should work with regular glide tables as well?


I am facing the same trouble – I see the barcode scanning feature like this –

Hi there, I have the same problem with the not-writing barcode scanning feature (Pro Plan). Looking for working solution here from the Glide Team.

And sometime Choice component don’t write either so I have to re-create the app one more time that solve this problem. Just checking if anyone have the same problem. Sorry if a little out of topics. :sweat_smile: :pray:

They point you to a 3rd party company that does it better called Dynamsoft. Its really expensive and yes all of us have the same problem.

I wrote a wait for condition rule in the action editor to check if it actually wrote something. But now you would have set column values to delete the value each time you scan.

So the action would look like this.

  1. Set column values(Clear Value)
  2. Set Column value (set barcode value)
  3. Wait for condition (Check if barcode value is not empty)

You have to clear the value in the first step because if you use it multiple times it will take the previous scanned data.

Gonna be honest with you Glide doesn’t really respond to the barcode scanner posts anymore. I think if they had their way they would delete it completely from glide applications