Barcode scanner not working

I’m trying to recreate the video tutorial to create a ticket scanner: Ticket Barcode Scanning with Glide & Airtable - YouTube however the barcode scanning functionality doesn’t work on my phone nor when I run the app on my pc. It does access the camera and I see a grey/yellow line but when I try to scan a barcode, qr code or whatever it doesn’t seem to recognize anything.

I’m not sure this was the issue, but the barcode scanner is only available for Pro, Business & Enterprise levels.

hmmm ok that could do the trick, just very strange that they let you select and use the component and it simply doesn’t work no information at all …


@ThinhDinh I’ve upgraded to the Pro plan however this barcode scanning is not working yet. Is there anything else I need to change?

@Sean_Martin @Manan_Mehta can you help with this case? Thanks a lot.

@Tim_Gestels I’d recommend refreshing Glide and then unpublish and republishing app. If that doesn’t work please reach out to support so we can diagnose further,

Ok I made a new app and published it and now it works.
Although it seems to work very slowly and only for 2d barcodes?

Seems that I would not recommend this as a feature for professional customers.
Is there any workarounds or is the Glide team working on this to improve it?

@Tim_Gestels you should read this post

great thanks I’ll check it out !

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader - Prices start at USD 1,249/year

That seems like a whole lot of money for something that seems like a basic feature. At least in any other native app I know.


I this feature working yet? I just paid for the pro subscription but mine also doesn’t work… this is the only reason I upgraded.

To be more specific, the scanner registers a successful scan (the line turns green), but then nothing is read into the field where the string is supposed to be read.

All of the tutorials are usingn airtable – just checking that this should work with regular glide tables as well?

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