Can I purchase additional barcodes for my app in the pro version?

1000 barcodes in the pro version are not enough for my app. Is there any way I can purchase additional barcodes and if yes what would be the cost?

Please check this out.

That’s too expensive. I was hoping to use a native solution by glideapps.

Can you help me answer this question? @SantiagoPerez @david

@JackVaughan Hi Jack. Maybe you can help with this question because I really need to get an answer for this as my client’s main requirement is barcode scanning and he needs more than 1000 barcodes.

Can I purchase additional barcodes if we run out of the 1000 limit?


I know it isn’t a final solution but depending on your customer or need you could use a barcode vía your device’s keyboard. You can read further info here:


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@Hassan_Nadeem please PM me and we can review other options. The Dynamsoft scanner is not for more scans, it’s for stability and additional features. If the standard, experimental scanner is ok we may be able to offer other options.

This is really helpful!