Scan barcode and QR code directly in Glide into a field in a form

QRCode scan in addition to keyboard input could be top!!

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Really need this one!
Using the image picker and selecting camera will only allow a picture vs. a QRCode scan.this makes sense, ofc, because the filed is set for image … but it would be realllllly helpful to have a qrcode component which opens the cam in QRCode scan mode.

If it’s helpful, here’s a link to an HTML5 in-browser QRcode scanner:

I’d also be open to contributing financially, if I can afford it, for this as well as a input type range slider component.

We need it as well! Then staff can then verify membership status of their customers without typing in their name.


Agree a barcode scanner tied to the search field would be hugely helpful for us. I know barcodes seem antiquated, but a lot of enterprise IT departments still use asset tags to mark organization owned devices. Being able to easily scan an asset tag to search for a device has a ton of value. It means we can search for multiple devices much more quickly than manually typing in a number. That’s a lot of time saved.

I can also see scenarios where UPC or other types of barcodes could help with inventory. Book stores, grocery stores, and plenty more could get through inventory a lot more quickly with a native barcode scanner tied directly to the search field. Thank you for considering! I know with all the barcode formats out there implementing the feature can be a pain, but I really do think it would be worth the effort.


Hello, i just arrive on Glide and i was looking for this feature also to See if it’s possible.

You can use Niko Keyboard, it’s an Android app Which allow you to scan barcode direct using Keyboard of your Phone.

You just put an input box and then you touch the box and when Keyboard appears, you will be able to scan barcode

I use it for work and that’s pretty useful to fill input box from barcode.

Hope it can help you.


Hi everyone - I cobbled together a solution to allow users to scan QR Codes in Glide.

It works by using Image Picker in the Layout which then creates a URL of an image hosted by GlideApps that is input into Google Sheets. I then wrote a script in Google Sheets that takes the URL and runs it through an API that decodes QR images and then I used a REGEX in the script to pull out the relevant info I am looking for and output it into the relevant columns.

I did a short write up : and a video description for those of you who prefer to watch vs read :

Admittedly it is a bit ugly and inefficient - I have not tested whether it will scale but it sort of works for now. Hopefully, Glide introduces a native component to directly input QR Codes soon.


That’s cool but I can’t ask my users to download another app when they’re using mine.
Also, I don’t know which device the users are using and this only supported in Android but many thanks

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Amazed from what scripts can do whit google and glide. In a big scenario it wcouldbe scalable? I would like to learn more about how you did this and recreated

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Very cool. Going to look on this today.
I will need both QR codes and regular barcodes, will this decide the regular barcodes as well?

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As a Script writer myself, I’m amazed at the potential of combining Scripts and Glide. Never thought of functions like this, great use of it @Zhijing_Eu.


I guess it depends on the API you choose to use in the Google Script, in this case I used so it’s only QR Code. I have not tried it myself but there must be a way that you can script it to use a different API like that can read barcodes AND QR codes…

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Thanks for the feedback - please watch the video or read the article if you want more detail. I included the links to the app and the source google sheet too in the article.

Like I said, I am waiting for the native solution from Glide. I suspect the way I doesn’t scale. Already facing some challenges because the API I used ( has a limit to the image size of 1MB so the user has to set their camera to low res when using the image picker.

Also not sure if I will eventually hit some limit on storage for the Glide hosted images if every user starts loading large images of QR codes - maybe there is a way to programmatically delete the hosted images once the encoded data is extracted to free up space.

@Zhijing_Eu :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Sharing with such details in our community is awesome. Thank you very much. I don’t know whether I will use it but I just love when people go out of their way to showcase what they have done in order to help other in the forum.

@JackVaughan - have a look and be proud of our/your (=Glide) community


I might have found a workaround, to be able to use bar or QR code to do act as an input for a search.
I’m an android user, so I’m not sure if it is possible to have the same in IOS.

Basically, you can install on your android device specific keyboards, one called Barcode & QR code Keyboard allows to input data from Bar or QR code. Once installed and enabled, when you are in glide and want to type, you can get the input data from Bar or QR code, just from one click.

For my need it seems to work, I guess it could be a good/cheap to make the trick. Hope it helps!

Also in future, I’m quite sure we could have this kind of keyboard that are able to get any printed data as an input, like an OCR device. I have a tried a by an android app called ‘anyline keyboard’ but it is far to be as fast and as accurate as Bar/QR scanned and currently doesn’t input directly in the input field as a regular keyboard.


@Julien, Thank you very much for the tip. I was able to make it work in an app for stock control. Brilliant. Simple and effective. Scan ean13 type barcode and QR codes. There is a lot of market for this type of app.
I share a link to the multiple deposit app that I did as a test. and I leave the video of the operation of the “reader”

It is a very simple app but it meets the client’s requirements, real stock in 5 deposits and partial and total views by all the members. that’s why it has no loguin. It is public because it will only have 10 users and I do not need restrictions.


That is almost 80% of what we need to use along with Glide!!

Now we must find out someting similar on iOS.

Thanks @Yoann_MOREAU

@Yoann_MOREAU, Thanks for your information . I was able to apply it. regards

Thanks, this is a nice solution but we can’t ask our users to download anothwr app to use our app

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I am wondering if anyone has figured out the 1D barcode scanning in Glide without downloading a keyboard yet? @yinon_raviv?