Barcode scanner not showing

I’m having an issue with barcode scanning, it’s just not showing up, i search it in the component table and i can’t find it, is it because Glide remove the function? (Im with the business plan) Can someone help?

It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s been deprecated. It has never worked well, and even in the documentation it’s referred to as an experimental feature.

If a barcode scanner is important to you, there is a 3rd party product that integrates well with Glide. You’ll find more information about that in the documentation.

Thanks Darren! I appreciate your time.

Barcode scanning is an action. Not a component. Try adding a button and then add an action to scan barcode.

It was a component. Can’t use it with an action either. The weird thing is that i keep old Barcode scanners that i used in other apps

scanner sca

It looks like they changed the required plan. Are you on business/ enterprise?

I believe the business plan has a 14-day free trial

I have the 14-day free trial business plan

Try the log out, log in, clear cookies routine… else I’d submit a ticket

Thanks Eric!

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Any luck on this? No one at Glide is responding???

So I was told on the Experts slack that they are busy working on it. IF you want to have access to it you should have the business plan and send a ticket asking if they can enable it on your workspace while they work on it.

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I’m genuinely frustrated to report that the barcode scanner feature has been utterly yanked from Glide. Now, to even have this functionality, they’re telling everyone that you get a 3rd party subscription that starts at $1000/year, stacked on top of our existing subscription. It’s baffling and downright infuriating how Glide had the audacity to push this feature, neglect its glaring issues, and then abruptly axe it without a shred of clear communication. All we’re left with from various channels is a half-hearted, dismissive “sorry.” Unbelievable.


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