Add native barcode & QR code scanning to your Glide apps ⚡

Scan barcodes and QR codes, no licensing or additional setup required.

Our new Scanner component and Scan Barcode / QR Code action let you scan and log barcode and QR code values directly to your data.

Supported symbologies include:

Glide teams on Business plans and above can start using these new capabilities today.

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I noticed while i’m still testing the barcode component (pre-published) it is already charging me updates. Is there anyway for this to only happen after a project with a scanner is published? these tests are costing me precious updates even before the feature is available to my users.

All integrations still charge updates when used in the builder. We have to pay for every scan, even if you do it in the builder.


any videos/tutorials out there on using barcodes and scanner? possible use cases or what can be done with these components?

lets say i want o use barcodes to manage items in a site being checked in / out. How would I edit the item row on scanning the barcode?

would i have to do it in a custom form, scan and save the barcode, relate (if possible) and find the item then open another edit screen of the row?

There are step-by-step instructions in our docs:

We should see some examples and tutorials start coming out soon. :slight_smile:


Would it be a possible to add the bar code to the Maker licens? It’s super useful for many Maker use cases and I’m thinking that it’s paid for by counting against updates. Switching to Business isn’t really an option as the pr. user price would kill many of the use cases. But again - only fair to pay with updates - couldn’t it be possible to find an update cost for bar code scannes which makes your business case work for Maker apps as well?