Barcode scanner removed from glide

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I I am a bit desperate. We are using a barcode scanner for our project, which is essential for our logistic process. Somehow the barcode scanner is not available in our applications since yesterday. This is a disaster. What happened to the barcode scanner, did Glide remove it? We are a subscriber to the business plan.
Fun fact:
In our current test application the scanner is still implemented.

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As of Monday, our drivers will no longer be able to perform scans to verify that the correct container has been selected. :sob:

It seems to be a problem. You could check out Dynamsoft… 3rd party scanner…

Unbeliveble, but fact :worried:

Hola Roberto!

More info here

Thank you Gustavo for the info and all the others thanks as well.

i have no words to say if so…

This feature was marked Legacy, which is supposed to leave it working as-is in apps where it is already used, but at the same time making undiscoverable so you cannot add it anymore when building new apps or new functionality in the builder.

This feature was already present in your app and stopped working? If so, I will ask the team to investigate further.

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All existing actions of Scan barcode should not be affected. It is no longer available for new users and new apps

If you need to create a new custom action with the Scan barcode action, we recommend duplicating an action that has the Scan barcode action block in the Action Editor

If you need to create a new app with the Scan barcode action, you can also duplicate an app with the Scan barcode action

Let me know if you have any questions!


Hi David and David, :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s wonderful to receive a direct response from leadership, especially from the C-level, showing genuine concern. This deepens my admiration for the Glideverse. I’d also like to extend my gratitude to the community for all their contributions.

The current situation seems more related to communication than a technical problem. Since adopting Glide, we’ve been using a sandbox project to test features and processes. Once validated, we recreate these in our live apps. I always strive to stay updated with Glide’s changelogs and release announcements. I apologize if I overlooked the information regarding the decision to revoke a particular feature and partner with Dynamsoft for integration. []

This means that we can’t incorporate the scanning process we tested into our live app, which we began developing 2-3 weeks ago. Nevertheless, we plan to apply for a license and will be reaching out to Glide support.

Thank you for your commendable efforts and your close connection with your customers.

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Thank you, we will make sure that future transitions like this have clear communication in the product.


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