"For now, you can only add a component in a details view" On Classic Apps

Hey I want to use the (so useful component) scan barcode button so I create a new classic app but that message blocks me to create new components … how can I change this behavior ? or the screen type


Two things:

  1. You have to change your screen layout from a list style layout to a detail style layout. This is how it works on Classic Apps. In New Apps, all screens are detail style layout screens.
  2. That incarnation of barcode scanning is formally deprecated. You can use it if you currently have it, but you can’t add it.
    Barcode scanner removed from glide - #8 by DJP

Also, Classic Apps WILL eventually go away, so don’t put too much effort into building new projects with them.


But I need some kind of barcode reader :cry:

Adding to what @Jeff_Hager said:

Start building on the new apps platform, and take a look at the Scan Linear Barcode docs.

It’s an action that you can map to a button. :+1:

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I’m sorry but I can’t find the scan linear barcode action… could you explain me how to implement that?

Like we’ve already said, the old barcode scanner is no longer available UNLESS you already have it as part of your app. If not, you can’t add it. The link that @NoCodeAndy shared is regarding the old scanner functionality and the documentation states that it’s deprecated, but available IF you were already using it prior to being deprecated.

The new barcode functionality requires a license with Dynamsoft and a Business or Enterprise plan.

  • Do you have a Business or Enterprise plan?
  • Have you purchased a license from Dynamsoft?
  • After the above two requirements are fulfilled, have you contacted Glide support to enable the functionality for you?

All of this is outlined in the documentation for the new barcode scanning functionality.


No, no and no.

Unfortunately I will have to use another platform to read barcodes.

Thanks to all

@Jeff_Hager - Whoops, grabbed the wrong doc link. Thanks for catching that! :sweat:

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