Event Registration & Checkin

Hello Everyone,

We currently use Glide for our Staff Directory and it is quickly becoming SO much more (which I love)! One of the things that I’ve been asked to create is a way to track our Staff Development/Training process. What I have built so far works, however reporting on it for managers and the overall user experience is a little clumsy. For context, I have separate sheets within our directory workbook for Participants, Registrations, Attendance, and Session Details with a series of related fields attempting to connect them all.

The biggest challenges I have, seem to come from these main areas:

*Session Registration - I would love the functionality of the Favorites feature, but that isn’t reportable (to my knowledge). Instead, I have a list of sessions that staff members click a form button on and it adds them to a Session Registration sheet in the workbook automatically pulling over the session info and the logged-in user’s email address. They type their name (name doesn’t seem to be an option to pull over automatically) and hit submit.

*Session Check-in - It’s a very similar process to the above - go to a session, click the check-in button, type your name, hit submit. I would love the ability to limit check-in to a session to only those who preregistered, but that doesn’t seem to be feasible with my current setup.

*Reporting - I built a separate Manager Access app that links to the same worksheet as the directory. This allows Staff Dev Managers to add/edit session details, open & close check-in, view staff participation, etc. They can view the registrants for each session via inline lists and they can see participation info on each staff member profile. They cannot, however, easily see who registered vs who actually attended.

I’d love some advice on all of this if you have any!

I created a conference registration app that you can preview if you’d like. Send me your email and I’ll add you to the whitelist so you can play around with it.

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Thanks! I’ll send it.

I would be greatly interested in previewing your registration app as well, if you’d be willing!

Sure thing! I just need an email to whitelist you.


Mind you, I developed this app before the release of many of Glide’s newer features so the app isn’t as polished as I’d like. The functionality is there, though. Try it for a spin.

@MoralesPattie scratch that…somehow one of my screens broke over the past couple months. I’ll need to fix it. Take a look around, but you wont be able to view your schedule accurately.

Can I take a look? Thanks

Can you please share your conference registration app with me as well

Hi, can you share this registration app please?

Oof…that app no longer exists. It used antiquated logic anyhow.

Can you share the event Registration app.
i would like to charge a small ticket fee to the guests for an small community expo and then check in day of the event.

I would also like to have a system that ties my exhibitors with unique pin number or qr code to tie in a guest into an individual raffle for that exhibitor.
i would need each guest to have a opt in tos box…

i would be selling tickets via webpage in stripe, so not sure if this is glidepages/apps?

let me know your thougths