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Would love to use Glide as a conferencing app where users need to “register” for three sessions per block of time. I can certainly have them favorite their session, but there’s no way to track favorites at this point. What would you suggest?

Bonus: have sessions in the same time block become unavailable unless users “unregister” the one to which they registered originally.

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I doubt that this could or would be incorporated as part of Glide base functionality as it is pretty specific to this use case. The only thing I could think of that would be of use, and of use to a lot of other applications, would somehow have the ability to disable a Form Button based on some logical within the app.

This way you could create a formula to count the number of sessions that an individual had signed up for and then turn off the Form Button.

That’s an option for sure…how can you disable a form button in Glide?

The solution to track time slots and booking, you would first have to create a Time slot sheet.
In that sheet you would have all the blocks laid out with the formula “Today()” in one column and the the "Time block in another column, the third column would concatenate them together to create a daily block that will update each day.

The summary column will be used as a kind of key that changes each day according to Google’s clock.

The next thing you will need is a registration sheet with a form that pulls all the available time slots as a drop down list.

In order to create the dropdown list for available slots you will need to create a third sheet called “Availalbe Slots” Run a query and carry over all the times that meet the filter of being available.

How you make a time unavailable>
The way you do is is to run an arrayformula combined with a lookup in the registration column to see if any times in the registration sheet matches the time listed in the slot sheet. if there is a match you can display “Unavailable” otherwise “Available”.

Once a timesslot is changed to “Unavailable” your filter will eliminate from the list of possible dropdown options so no one else will see it.

Since the app takes approx 20 seconds to refresh content, it is possible for someone to double book a time If everyone is trying to book the same time. There is a way around it though but more complex.


Neat workaround. Thanks for the tips. I’ll play around with this tomorrow for sure.


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