Full Build: Mini Conference App in Glide Pages

In case you ever wanted to know how I build apps in Glide, here’s an 1hr45min unedited video where I build a Glide Page from scratch.

The Premise:

A private conference registration app that…

  1. Allows users to sign in and register for three sessions
    • A “My Sessions” screen that either displays their registered session or prompts them to register
    • A “Sessions” screen that allows them to search, browse and register for sessions
    • Logic that allows users to register, unregister or switch registration within a session
  2. Allows presenters to sign in and…
    • modify their presentations
    • view / email participant list

I hope you enjoy (or at least learn something from) my ramblings and thought processes as I determine how to approach building this app on the fly.


Man - watching you make UI design decisions, DB design decisions plus all the connecting tissue between UI and database to make this app flow - in real time - was a thing of wonder.

Thanks for the effort and energy and hutzpah to put this together and record it - plus have a great conference!


Thanks @MattLB! I’m glad you were able to get something out of it. Appreciate the kind words.